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Thanks to sweeping advances in modern dentistry and technology, like dental implants, it is more convenient than ever before to replace one or more missing teeth. Not only that, but patients can enjoy more natural-looking and longer-lasting results than were previously possible. At Dr. Tim’s Dental Clinic we are proud to help patients restore a beautiful, healthy smile and the confidence they deserve with a comprehensive suite of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry solutions, including dental implants. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of implant dentistry and find out how long patients can expect their dental implants and implant-supported restorations to last.

What are dental implants?

When most people think of dental implants, an artificial tooth is the first thing that comes to mind. In reality, the term dental implant refers to the titanium screw that is inserted into a patient’s jawbone and ultimately supports the artificial tooth, called a restoration.

What are the benefits of dental implants vs. bridges?

Without a doubt, dental implants are one of the best options for restoring a complete, healthy, and natural-looking smile. One of the most compelling benefits of dental implants is that they stimulate cell regeneration in the jawbone, much like a natural tooth root does. This helps maintain the mouth’s structure and prevents resorption of bone material over time. Additionally, dental implants – unlike bridges – can be used to replace a single tooth without disturbing the healthy teeth around it. Another fantastic benefit of dental implants and implant-supported restorations is that they allow the tooth to look, feel, and function virtually the same as a natural tooth.

How are dental implants placed?

The placement of implant-supported restorations is completed in stages. Before the process can be undertaken, Dr. Tim’s Dental Clinic must ensure the patient’s oral health is intact. If there is any evidence of infection, periodontal disease, or another problem, Dr. Tim’s Dental Clinic will first treat these issues before moving on to the placement of implants. To begin, the titanium screw is inserted into the patient’s jaw via a small incision in the gums. Over the next several months, the implant will naturally fuse with the jawbone, providing a sound structure for the restoration. Once the implant has fully integrated with the bone, Dr. Tim’s Dental Clinic will attach the restoration to the screw using an abutment.

How long do dental implants last?

Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants and implant-supported restorations can last a lifetime. To preserve your dental implants for as long as possible, be sure to:

  • Practice proper dental and oral hygiene
  • Brush, floss, and rinse twice daily
  • Schedule regular dental cleanings and exams
  • Do not smoke
  • Choose a qualified and experienced dentist to place your implants

Although dental restorations are remarkably durable and stain-resistant, they can be easily replaced by attaching a new restoration to the implant, if needed, keeping patients looking and feeling their best.

Fix it and forget it with dental implants at Dr. Tim’s Dental Clinic

With modern dental implants, patients can restore a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile that will last. If you’re looking for a convenient and long-term solution for replacing one or more teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants. To learn more about your options for implant dentistry services at Dr. Tim’s Dental Clinic, call Elite Smiles of Pflugerville to schedule your one-on-one consultation with award-winning dentist Dr. Tim’s Dental Clinic today.

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