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During the Pandemic, we have witnessed more and more emergencies involving cracked teeth resulting in tooth loss.  Of these cases, many of them are due to malocclusions: crowded or mal-positioned teeth.

Equally prevalent are periodontal/gum diseases that are mostly attributed to mal-occlusions. Mal-positioned teeth create oral hygiene challenge to average patients, and the long-term effect is tartar buildup to cause bone loss and gum inflammations.

As per Harvard research, gum diseases show increased C-reactive proteins (CRP) that cause great harm to our heart.  Many recent researchers also found increased CRPs are linked to more severe Covid-19 symptoms and it is used as a prognostic marker in Covid patients. When teeth are mal-positioned, many patients also suffer sleep apnea and snore-related health problems.
Close-up Of A Man's Hand Putting Transparent Aligner In Teeth

Invisalign has been in clinical usage for over 20 years from G1 to current G8.  It continually improves clinical predictability and is a proven orthodontic treatment modality to treat many types of mal-occlusions.

The treatment does not require life style change.  It can even be done with just a couple of office visits and it can be monitored by dentist remotely (virtual care).

With smile simulation capability, you can see your future smile before the treatment is started. Most cases can be completed in a few months, and patient enjoys lifelong health benefit.

Dr. Tim’s Dental Clinic has been an Invisalign provider since G1 when Invisalign was at its infancy.  Dr. Tim’s Dental Clinici is actively participating in many projects involving Invisalign innovations.

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2023 © Dr. Tim’s Dental Clinic | All Rights Reserved | Designed By MM Digital Marketing Kenya