Sapphire Braces

Sapphire braces are exactly the same as metal braces. The only variation that exists is its ability to camouflage itself with the natural color of your teeth.

They are made of sapphire crystal or synthetic sapphire. A material with the same chemical composition of sapphire.

They are completely transparent, so they are able to adopt the color of the natural tooth. You can show your smile and these pieces will be very little visible.

They have a very good resistance, close to that of metallic ones. So, it is quite unlikely that they will deform, break or scratch throughout the process.

Unlike ceramic brackets, sapphire retain their color over time. They do not pigment despite the consumption of coffee, cigarettes, red wine or other elements.

Their adhesion is better than those of the ceramics thanks to a zirconium powder mesh that they possess. Although you must also be careful.

The cost of this type of brackets is higher than that of metal and ceramic.

These are especially recommended for people who do not have very white teeth. Since if the ceramic ones are placed, they could stand out too much on their teeth due to the pigmentation of these.

They do not cause discomfort in the cheeks, nor in the gums.

They have a fairly small size.

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