Metal Braces

There’s a good reason traditional braces have been used by dentists and orthodontists worldwide for many, many years—traditional braces are an extremely effective way to straighten your teeth.

Most of the time, your archwires are held to the brackets with either metal wire ties or rubber bands called ligatures. Ligatures come in a wide variety of colors, so you can express your individuality while your smile is in progress.

Today’s traditional braces include a small metal bracket glued to the front of each tooth, while the old-fashioned type of band is typically only used for molars.

You may envision gray metal when you think of traditional braces, but Dr. Tim’s Dental Clinic offers patients either silver or golden-colored braces.

How do
braces work?

Before applying the brackets, one of our expert orthodontic dentists will collect photos and X-rays of your mouth. Sometimes we’ll use our digital scanner to scan each of your teeth and the layout of your gums and mouth.

If necessary, this process takes 10-15 minutes and provides an extremely accurate 3D view of your mouth.

After the X-Ray and optional scan, your dentist will use this information to create your customized treatment plan. This will include how each tooth needs to be moved to get it in the best possible position.

Your dentist will decide how to place the brackets based on this information. For example, if you have some teeth that need to be tilted, the placement of those brackets will be different than the placement of brackets for teeth that need to be turned.

Once the brackets have been attached, your dentist will insert the wire. Bends in the wire will provide different types of pressure on different teeth. A bend in the wire is how most orthodontists cause specific and precise movements.

What can I expect from today’s metal braces?

Metal braces have had a reputation for being awkward and obvious. But, because of modern orthodontics, you’ll benefit from versions that are smaller, less conspicuous, and more comfortable than ever before.

At Dr. Tim’s Dental Clinic, we’re proud to offer the latest braces technology to our patients of all ages in Kenya and surrounding areas!

Sleeker brackets and lighter wires improve the appearance and feel of these braces. This means you’ll have less irritation in your mouth.

Traditional metal braces also come with a fun new twist without any extra cost – you can customize them with pops of color. The elastics that Dr. Tim’s Dental Clinic will fit around your brackets come in a wide variety of colors that let you showcase your personality whenever you want.

Pick your favorite color combination, the colors of your favorite sports team, even your school colors! We also offer silver, gray, white, black, and tooth-colored elastics for patients seeking a more subtle look.

The strength, durability, and affordability of traditional metal braces keep them the top treatment for orthodontic patients, year after year!
How long will I be in braces?

This is what everyone wants to know, but it’s one we don’t have a concrete answer for. Every mouth is different, and every patient responds to treatment in their own way. Treatment time with metal braces will be different every time.

The average time spent in metal braces is around 18 to 22 months but could be shorter or longer, depending on the individual treatment plan from Dr Tim’s Dental Clinic

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